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Raikou - Black PVD/Belt Satin

Raikou - Black PVD/Belt Satin

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Raikou, also spelled Raiju, is the companion of Raiden and the two are ultimately intertwined. While Raiden is the God of thunder and lightning, Raikou is better known as the thunder beast. Whose physical form usually takes on that of a fox cloaked in lightning. They are powerful, loyal, and intelligent creatures whose speed remains unseen and is often mistaken for lightning. Our new model encapsulates the soul and beauty of the thunder beast and thus, we named it Raikou.

Built upon the foundation of our renowned Raiden model, Raikou takes utility, performance, and craftsmanship to new heights. Raikou boasts a formidable 3.45" CPM S90V straight wharncliffe blade that strikes a perfect balance of toughness and edge retention.

While the handle retains the same size and profile as the Raiden, we managed to fit a sizably larger blade. Raiden's blade measures 3.3" while Raikou's blade measures 3.45". Even more impressive is we were able to reduce the weight of the Raikou compared to the Raiden!

In addition to the blade shape, Raikou went through several updates and changes to create an exciting new folder including the following:

  • Updated CPM S90V blade steel
  • Added blade cutout for improved deployment access
  • All new clip design for improved ergonomics and flow
  • Improved pronounced sharpening choil
  • 3 piece pivot system with Ti heads and a SS barrel
  • Deepened/added weight reduction pockets for improved balance


    • Blade - Belt Satin
    • Handles - Black PVD
    • Hardware - Gold
    • Clip, Backspacer - Dark Bronze
    • Thumbstuds - Gold


    • OAL - 7.88"
    • Blade Length - 3.45"
    • Cutting Edge - 3.35"
    • Blade Thickness - 0.134"
    • Blade Material - CPM S90V
    • HRC - 60-61
    • Handle Length - 4.43"
    • Handle Thickness - 0.49"
    • Handle Material - 6AL-4V Titanium
    • Hardware Material - 6AL-4V Titanium
    • Pivot Material - 6AL-4V Titanium/ Stainless steel
    • Weight - 3.58 oz.


    • Crucible CPM S90V Super Steel
    • Blade cutout
    • Captive "D" shaped 3 piece pivot
    • Textured pivot and lockbar access area
    • Caged ceramic ball bearings
    • Ceramic detent ball
    • Hardened steel lock bar insert
    • Hardened steel washers
    • 3D milled pocket clip
    • Hidden pocket clip hardware
    • Internal milling/ weight reduction
    • LIGHTWEIGHT ~3.58oz
    • Manufactured in China
  *Colors, patterns, and finishes may vary and are subject to change
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