About Us

Welcome! My name is Sean and I'm the founder of Null Knives. I'm a designer and long time enthusiast of knives and gadgets meant to prepare you for life's everyday challenges. My passion for knives started in the kitchen at a young age where my father taught me how to handle and hold a knife. I realized how essential a knife could be and eventually got into pocket knives. It quickly snowballed from there as I felt enamored by this community and I discovered just how deep this rabbit hole goes. 

Formed in 2020 and based out of New York, Null Knives aims to create and develop exceptional knives, tools, and gadgets that if properly maintained can last a lifetime. Our products all share a similar story where we aim to combine striking, sharp aesthetics with uncompromised quality and craft. We are committed to offering premium knives and tools to compliment and adapt to your unique lifestyle. Whether you are out in the city, in the office, or at the campgrounds, our tools will give you the confidence to cut through the crowd and carve your own path.