Raikou Revisions for Production

Raikou Revisions for Production

We are making a few changes for production. Although they are mainly minor, we always aim to put our best foot forward and offer the highest quality product possible to our customers. To accomplish this we are consistently in a state of constant improvement and looking for meaningful changes that ultimately improve your experience as a customer. Below are a few changes that our thunder beast, Raikou will go through for production.


  1. Reduce bevel grind
    The bevel will be ground thinner for a sharper and finer edge while maintaining its robust blade profile. The bevel will also be raised slightly to center the blade cutout and provide a more acute bevel grind.

  2. Clip position and taper
    While the ergonomics are excellent, we think it could be a little better. The clip will be rotated 1.5 degrees counter clockwise. This will allow the clip to sit in the crease of the palm and remove any possible hotspots created by the clip.

    The height of the clip will be reduced by 0.5mm as it currently sits slightly proud.

    The contact point of the clip will be tapered to reduce the surface area that interacts with your pants pocket. This will reduce the amount of friction and traction produced by the force of the clip. Making it easier to slide in and out of your pocket. 

  3. Top of Harpoon
    The top of the harpoon will be thinned out by 0.6mm for a sleeker profile. This will allow the blade to pierce through objects with less resistance

  4. Logo Size
    The size of the logo will be reduced by about 15% and match the logo size of the Raiden.
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