Grace Revisions for Production

Grace Revisions for Production

  1. Blade Profile
The main edge of the knife (hollow ground horizonal) will be extended by 2mm; and the forward edge will be rounded slightly (more belly). We are increasing the overall amount of usable edge all within the same sized handle. The blue lines on the first image below are the changes overlaid on top the prototype blade. The image to the left is the updated blade shape. Overall the updated blade provides a more organic flow to the knife while adding some additional cutting power.


2. Extended Jimping

We love the usefulness and feel of the jimping here so we wanted to add some more.


3. Lockbar Access Area

The overall size of the access area will increase for easier disengagement 


4. Detent Ramp

The detent ramp has proven to be beneficial to the overall action of the knife. We are retaining the detent ramp, just shortening it for a quicker disengagement.


5. Internal Milling

Adding additional internal milling for added weight reduction and increased balance.

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